We have to do good.

We change the world.

We want The Punishment.

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Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


Dear visitor,

We are the German Gutmenschen non-profit organisation of the soon to be launched Gutmenschen.Party.

Our goal is to inform the general public about corruption, conspiracies, the mafia, and other criminal networks such as the international “pedoclub” Catholic Church – in short, individuals and groups of bad actors that have violated the Golden Rule: the principle of treating others as you want to be treated.

The corrupt priests have raped and even tortured millions of children in the last 100 years – thousands of babies have been kidnapped in Spain by the “Holy Mafia”-organisation called “Opus Dei” (“Work of God”). Millions of innocents have been starved to death by corrupt business people representing the food company Nestlé and others. They organised in groups and thought they could get away with it: They will not.

We democratically lobby for a change of the law (not abolishing the law): We want to punish the  mass-murderers, mass-kidnappers, mass-torturers, and mass-rapists in historical proportions with “The Punishment”:

Public castration, amputation of arms and legs, cutting out of the eyes, and ongoing rape in torture-dungeons.

10-times the suffering of the victims plus X is the answer. 10 + X.

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We have to do good. We change the world. We want The Punishment. Join us.

All the best,

Carl Philipp Trump
Gutmenschen Founder & Director

Blue Movement: End Homelessness

We intend to end homelessness.

We call the Blue Movement to walk to the Vatican and demand that the Vatican gives up its money to the poor.

We also believe that LSD can be a cure for alcohol addiction. Therefore, we work together with www.LSD.shop to give the legal LSD-derivative 1cP-LSD to the homeless to provide healing.

Catholic Church – Vatican City State –
a State of Abuse and no Financial Transparency

The Catholic Church is involved in sexual abuse in almost all countries where it operates and it launders money for the mafia.

We want to see financial transparency: How much wealth does the Church have? How is this wealth spend? Is it used to fund a global pedoclub? Is the Church the mafia?

We think so, and push for redistribution of the Church’s money. We will sue the Vatican City State for Crimes against Humanity.

Opus Dei – Baby Trafficking and Financial Intransparency

Opus Dei members kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s.

Therefore, we want them to be classified as a terrorist organisation.

Furthermore, we demand a compensation as high as 1,000,000 € per stolen baby.

At the same time we believe that Opus Dei is the mafia and we want to see full financial transparency.

We want that Opus Dei members are prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Verfassungsschutz –
Obstruction of Punishment, Ritualised Abuse, and Terrorism

In Germany the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) has been involved in organised right-wing terrorism (NSU).

We want to know who is responsible and we want these people to be prosecuted.

As a long-term goal, we think that the Verfassungsschutz is so corrupt, and involved in terrorism and pederast groups, that we should abolish it.

Volkswagen (VW) – So-called Fraud is Criminal Assault, Manslaughter, and Murder

The Volkswagen (VW) management has put more than 40-times the allowed amount of NOx gases in the air. We all will die because of these people.

At least these people have drastically increased the risk to suffer from lung cancer. They have also contributed to climate change which affects all of us.

We need to severely punish the VW management for criminal assault, manslaughter, and murder.

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