We have to do good.

We change the world.

We want The Punishment.

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Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


Dear visitor,

We are the German Gutmenschen non-profit organisation of the soon to be launched Gutmenschen.Party.

Our goal is to inform the general public about corruption, conspiracies, the mafia, and other criminal networks such as the international “pedoclub” Catholic Church – in short, individuals and groups of bad actors that have violated the “Golden Rule”: The principle of treating others as you want to be treated:

1. Corrupt Catholic priests have raped and even tortured millions of children in the last 100 years – the so called “abuse scandal” is known worldwide. What is not so known is that thousands of babies have been kidnapped in Spain by the Catholic secret society known as “Holy Mafia” – officially called “Opus Dei” (“Work of God”).

2. The child-sex-blackmailing scheme by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are aso known worldwide already. However, the involved influencial people such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Prince Andrew have not been procecuted yet. We think corruption of the justice system in the US is the reason for that.

3. Furthermore, millions of innocents are starving to death every year solely because corrupt business people such as Nestlé-CEO Ulf Schneider and other individuals want to enrich themselves.

These bad actors organise in groups and think they could get away with it: They will not. Gutmenschen targets them.

We democratically lobby for a change of the law (certainly not abolishing the law): We want to punish the  mass-murderers (50), mass-kidnappers (50), mass-torturers (50), and mass-rapists (100) in historical proportions with “The Punishment”:

Public castration, amputation of arms and legs, cutting out of the eyes.

10-times the suffering of the victims plus X is the answer: “10 + X”.

We will block colors for the villains until the villains suffered through The Punishment.

We want to change the German constitution “Grundgesetz” by asking the other countries if they allow us to change the constitution to punish pederasts internationally. By working together with other countries we can achieve the unthinkable: Liberating us from all evil.

Please donate if you think we do things right.

We have to do good. We change the world. We want The Punishment. Join us: Now.

All the best,

Carl Philipp Trump
Gutmenschen Founder & Director

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