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– "rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative".

About Us

Gutmenschen” is currently used in German as a negative derogatory term for naive people who believe the world can become a better place without understanding the difference between wishful thinking and what is actually possible. „Gutmensch“ labels an individual who wants to make a difference but is sadly clueless or powerless in achieving these ends. 

However, the literal meaning of “Gut-Mensch” in German is “Good-Human being”. We see a strong similarity to the term „gay“ which was once used mainly as a negative term which has transformed into one of the most powerful positive terms in history. 

As „gay“ was once used as an insulting term for homosexuals mainly by heterosexuals to insult homosexuality as inferior to heterosexuality, today “gay” has been transformed from an insult to a positive self-description representing freedom, proudness, and celebration of sexual expression. We want to achieve the same for the Gutmenschen term.

The Gutmenschen organization’s goal is, therefore, to rebrand Gutmensch on a global scale the same way “gay” became transformative. Turning an insult into a truly recognizing, understanding, and behaving of our collective human nature with aims and goals leading towards the beauty and celebration of the human condition, reflecting morality, freedom, and equality.

In this spirit, please take your time to inform yourself about our goals and support us if you think we do things right.

Our Goals

We, the Gutmenschen gGmbH, are a Berlin-based charity / non-profit organization fighting against child abuse and for full financial transparency and accountability in the Catholic Church and more specifically in the Opus Dei organization – we also criticize the German national intelligence service for "overlooking" the Church's crimes and we sue the car company VW for killing all of us.

We specifically raise the following issues and ask the following questions:

1. How much wealth does the Catholic Church have? (Transparency)

2. How exactly does the Catholic Church spend its wealth? (Accountability)

3. How many abuse accusations have been received and how many priests have been fired or prosecuted after the abuse became known? (Is the Catholic Church a criminal organization which committed crimes against humanity?)

4. We also criticize Opus Dei for stealing 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s. (Is Opus Dei a criminal organization which committed crimes against humanity?)

5. In this regard, we also criticize the German national intelligence service Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) for not prosecuting the Catholic Church. (What kind of Freemason networks have prevented the prosecution of Church personnel in the past?)

6. We also criticize the VW company for killing all of us by putting up to 40 times more than the allowed amounts of NOx into the air leading to premature deaths and climate change. (Is causing premature deaths in this scale a crime against humanity?)

7. We think that micro facial analysis technology can be used to reform our legal system in a way that it speeds up cases and allows us to prosecute people that couldn't be prosecuted previously.

8. We demand a drug law reform in terms of full legalization of all drugs and taxation according to the drugs' harm.

9. We suggest that psychedelics and entactogens together with magnet therapy can be successful cures for people without emotions (psychopaths).

10. We ask for an open debate regarding modern mind control technology and suggest a democratic open source blockchain type of solution to the security risk concerns.

11. We ask the Clintons to be prosecuted!

12. We ask Saudi Arabia to reform its state apparatus into a modern democracy or face war and regime change.

13. We intend to improve the Holocaust remembrance culture in Germany by significantly increasing the number of stumbling stones of deported people and by revising the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

In German: Pressemitteilung vom 14. Juli 2019 – Strafanzeige gegen den Verfassungschutz wegen Strafvereitelung im Amt in 5 Fällen

In German: Pressemitteilung vom 15. Juli 2019 – Strafanzeige gegen den Bundesnachrichtendienst wegen Strafvereitelung im Amt in 2 Fällen

In German: Pressemitteilung vom 15. Juli 2019 – Strafanzeige gegen das Management vom Volkswagen-Konzern wegen Mord und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit

In German: Pressemitteilung vom 15. Juli 2019 – Strafanzeige gegen Opus Dei wegen Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit

In German: Pressemitteilung vom 30. Juli 2019 – Strafanzeige gegen Horst Hennert wegen Betruges

Pedoclub.Church + Mafia.Church

– Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church and no Financial Transparency –

The Vatican City State needs to be abolished as it is a criminal pederast organisation allowing to rape children.

We need to "" if he has ever raped a child or taken part in a gang raping using micro facial analysis to verify his answer. He supports Opus Dei which is a child kidnapping organisation.

Reports about sexual abuse of the Catholic Church:

1. Vatican arrests diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella on suspicion of child abuse images (2018)
2. Cardinal George Pell: Vatican's third-highest ranking official in court (2018)
3. Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades by Georg Ratzinger (2017)
4. Former ambassador to the Dominican Republic and Archbishop Józef Wesołowski (2015)
5. Tens of thousands of children abused in Dutch Catholic institutions, report says (2011)

Reports about financial affairs of the Catholic Church:

1. Australia: Catholic Church national wealth estimated to be $30 billion (2018)
2. Vatican Bank's Ex-Chief Indicted Over $60 Million in Embezzlement (2018)
3. The Vatican should bring money-laundering cases to trial, watchdog agency says (2017)
4. The Vatican Buys Largest Gay Sauna In Europe for 30 million euro (2013)
5. THE BASICS; Church, Mafia: Why the Link? (2003)

On top of that the Vatican City State denies all other "standard" institutions due to the criminal nature of its mafia state:

Human Rights (The Vatican City State commits crimes against humanity by raping children for centuries and not fully working together with law enforcement agencies in other countries):
1. Vatican City is not a member of the International Criminal Court.
2. Vatican City is not a member of the European Court of Human Rights.

Tax Exchange (The Vatican City State does Mafia money laundering – its a mafia state)
3. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD's "Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Information in Tax Matters".
4. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD's "Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters".
5. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD's "Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement".

Clearly, the Vatican City State denies international cooperation and therefore the Gutmenschen gGmbH argues that the Vatican City State should be dissolved unless all international agreements above are signed and fully complied with.

After countless cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it is time to consider the Catholic Church an international pedo club. The Catholic Church should clearly publish how many of their priests have been accused of physical, psychological or sexual abuse and how their cases were handled. In many cases, accused priests were sent to a different country, where they were able to continue with the abuse.

Furthermore, it is not only sexual abuse that is worrisome. In fact, the Catholic Church is so deeply linked with the mafia due to its money laundering activities through its own Vatican bank IOR that it appears to be the same. Therefore, we call the Catholic Church a "mafia church".

Clearly, the Catholic Church – unlike other charities – does not publish its overall wealth. The question is why not? The simple answer is: Because they do not put their money where their mouth is.

Why is there homelessness if the Vatican owns billions worth of real estate around the world? Why is there hunger? Clearly, the Vatican is not spending its wealth according to its stated mission which is supposed to be helping the disadvantaged and enabling progress in our society.

Yes, the Catholic Church spends billions in charity each year. However, we are not talking about some charity donations here – we are talking about so much wealth that ending homelessness and ending hunger can become a reality. So, what is the church doing with its wealth? Apparently, they run their own and!

We need accountability and transparency in terms of detailed reports about:

1) how many priests and laymen in Catholic Church organizations have been accused of child abuse and if they have actually been fired after the organisation became aware of the abuse.

2) what the Catholic Church and all its associated foundations own and how the wealth is spent...


We raise 100,000 € to if he is in a and a!

We should use the Church's money to fight global hunger, provide people social housing, and fight climate change.

It is time to confiscate the Church's money to spend it for the disadvantaged!

Opus Dei

– Abuse at Opus Dei and Financial Intransparency –

Opus Dei claims they have "nothing to do" with baby stealing in Spain.

Is Opus Dei still running a baby / child trafficing business?

Video-Summary of the official Opus Dei abuse officer's – Dr. Cesar Martinez – behavior towards abuse inquiries (in German):

1. His e-mail address was not working when I first approached him.

2. Dr. Cesar Martinez doesn't speak English.

3. Mr. Martinez doesn't call back even after countless calls – not even in German.

The official abuse officer Dr. Cesar Martinez needs to be prosecuted due to the fact he doesn't work.

We need to prosecute Opus Dei – it is the mafia.

I ask the Opus Dei Club Althaus in Bonn how much payment of compensation they will pay for 300,000 kidnapped babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s

Carl Philipp Trump makes fun of Opus Dei claiming they have "none" abuse cases since 1928.

"Opus Dei is an international financial corporation which owns banks and import/export companies. It is a Catholic type of freemason organization, and it is a cult or sect – something like The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Opus Dei's goal is to create blind obedience in their followers so that they do exactly as they are told. Slowly the followers lose their ability to think independently. Ultimately they became mere creatures of the organization."
(Ex-Opus Dei member John J. Roche, link)

1) We call one of the most radical Catholic sects – Opus Dei – a "criminal organization" involved in all forms of abuse – physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. We are willing to fight this statement in court.

Opus Dei has kidnapped 300,000 babies in Spanien between 1950 and the end of the 1980s without any prosecution (

We demand a compensation of 1,000,000 € per kidnapped baby.

In our opinion, Opus Dei is not a religion – it is a business run by brainwashing techniques.

It is physical abuse to brainwash and group-pressure people into hurting their own body daily. It is psychological abuse to force members to sign a testament giving everything they own to Opus Dei. Members are forced to work the entire time not being allowed to keep more of their earnings than their costs of living which is close to slavery. The business is run based on brainwashing techniques including recruitment at an early age, isolation from family and friends, and daily interrogations.

The purpose is to isolate individuals to ultimately enrich the Opus Dei organization by basically exploiting cheap obedient labor and to allow sexual abuse in their schools and youth groups potentially. There is a sexual abuse case currently fought in a Spanish court (link).

Opus Dei claims its "God's work" – but they do not say anything about how much wealth the Opus Dei organization owns and how they spend it. In 2015 Opus Dei's wealth was estimated to be worth US$2.8 billion (link). Ruthless methods seem to be responsible for wealth accumulation. Accusations from 1950-1980 against Opus Dei range from baby kidnapping and selling in Spain (link) to accusations of all forms of white collar crimes such as tax evasion. As a result, Opus Dei appears more like a business enterprise than a religion.

The ongoing silence mafia-like Omerta associated with Opus Dei needs to end. In Germany, Opus Dei has not even an "Impressum" stating its legal entity on its website. Therefore, it is unknown who even runs the website: Is it a registered company, an individual or is it a club? Who receives the testament's money? We need accountability and transparency in Opus Dei!

2) We need to know how much wealth Opus Dei owns and how the organization channels the money.

3) We need to investigate the claim by the official Opus Dei press officer Ruthard von Frankenberg that there are "none" abuse cases at Opus Dei since 1928 (which was proven wrong in 2018).

Statistically speaking there are about 15 child abuse cases in Germany per 100,000 people (link). Opus Dei has 94,776 current global members (link). That results in approximately 14 cases of sexual abuse of children per 94,776 Opus Dei members per year. Over the past 90 years, there should be hundreds of abuse cases. Yet, Opus Dei claims there are "none" abuse cases since 1928 – how likely is it that this claim is true? How many abuse accusations has Opus Dei received? How were they handled? Opus Dei does not answer those questions. So we fight for this information in court.

Opus Dei does not ask its current and ex-members if they have ever experienced any form of abuse – physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Therefore, we assume Opus Dei is not interested in detecting abuse. In fact, the current abuse officer Dr. Cesar Martinez who is in office for over three years has not responded when asked what specific steps he has undertaken to detect abuse.

Thus, we assume Mr. Martinez has not undertaken any steps to detect abuse which makes us believe Opus Dei has institutionalized abuse by not even asking members about abuse. As a result, we have reported the relevant Opus Dei staff to the local police in Berlin, Germany on the grounds of being a criminal organization involved in abuse.

4) We encourage victims to come forward to sue Opus Dei or the Catholic Church successfully in court.

Please contact us at [email protected] – we use for all our emails – by using ProtonMail you can send us fully encrypted emails.

Verfassungsschutz – Obstruction of Punishment (Strafvereitelung im Amt)

Agent Andreas Temme "demonstrates" how he overlooked a dead man inside a small internet cafe.

A lot of witnesses commited suicide which is beyond pure coincidence

The German intelligence service "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution"

(Verfassungsschutz) is responsible to defend our constitution stating that our dignity is inviolable.

However, historically the Verfassungsschutz has been involved in coordinating the right-wing terror group NSU – having their own intelligence agent on a murder scene. Without any plausible explanation, this trained agent overlooked a dead body and didn't report his overall presence to the police. He – Andreas Temme – claimed that he was in the internet cafe where the murder happened at the time of the murder because he planned on cheating on his partner. Everyone can look at his video where he is supposed to demonstrate how he could possibly overlook a dead body right behind a table in a rather small internet cafe – it looks like he is just an agent trying to escape prison. On top of that, the office of the intelligence service has shredded information about the cases. We might see obstruction of punishment in the NSU cases which is punished with 6 months to 5 years in prison (§ 258a Strafvereitelung im Amt).

However, in the case of the Catholic Church where ten thousand of children have been molested and raped the case for obstruction of punishment is undeniable.

The Gutmenschen gGmbH asks the intelligence service Verfassungsschutz how on earth is it possible that the Verfassungschutz has "overlooked" ten thousand of child abuse cases since its beginning in 1950 committed by the Catholic Church and their own criminal justice system – what is a plausible explanation?

We demand that the Verfassungschutz releases all documents regarding the Catholic Church, Opus Dei and all other Knight Orders associated with the Catholic Church nexus to the general public so that the real criminals at the Catholic Church can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity which is punished with a lifetime in prison.

Is the Verfassungsschutz willing to deliver the needed documents to finally make the responsible people at the Catholic Church pay for their crimes against humanity – in this case, the destruction of countless children's life for the last hundreds of years?

VW – "So called Fraud is Criminal Assocication, Manslaughter, and Crimes against Humanity"

Criticizing VW for demanding tax payer's money for their NOx emission fraud.

Link to the Lawsuite / Link zum VW-Prozess

VW has emitted up to 40 times more NOx (Nitrogen oxides) – poisonous gases leading to 23,500 deaths in the UK alone – in real-world driving than advertised.

In order to fool regulators, VW used a so-called "defeat device" to fake the real emissions.

In German media the term used to describe this behavior was "scandal" – clearly, this is heavy fraud and not just a scandal.

However, the Gutmenschen gGmbH argues that this is not just fraud its more than that:

The VW management tried to enrich themselves by faking the emissions to consumers and regulators.

So out of base motives such as private profit, these people have intentionally emitted poisonous gases which will lead to the deaths of thousands of people around the world.

The Gutmenschen gGmbH calls this behavior beyond simple fraud (between 1 and 10 years in prison):

1.) criminal association (StGB § 129 Bildung krimineller Vereinigungen) – VW management worked together in order to make the most money – enrich themselves through bonuses despite the fact that they knew their behavior is illegal and ultimately will kill us all in the long run – criminal association (up to 3 years in prison).

manslaughter (StGB § 212 Totschlag)they did not kill us directly but they put 40-times the allowed NOx value into the air killing us through poisonous gas in the long runmanslaughter. In Germany, this crime is punished by between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 years in prison.

3.) crimes against humanity (Völkerstrafgesetzbuch § 7 Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit). VW management did this on a global scale potentially killing all of us driven by pure private profit motif. Like in war times these people ruthlessly killed the civil population (including themselves) to maximize their private profit – crimes against humanity which is punished with life in prison.

We need to ensure that no other companies management behaves as VW management did.

We need to confiscate all money earned by these individuals and put them in prison for up to 15 years – maybe a lifetime as they have effectively murdered more people than anyone in post-war Germany. Currently, the highest murder rate is a nurse who murdered more than 91 people.

However, in this case, we talk about more than 100-times or more than that – globally more than 9,100 will die because of VW's behavior – just to enrich themselves.

Micro-Facial Analysis – Justice System 2.0 (

In order to improve the justice system, we need to introduce a technology called "micro facial analysis". That technology allows us to read faces and to detect if an individual lies or not. Furthermore, just by looking at a face we can detect an individual's sexual preference – for example, algorithms can detect homosexuality.

Some technology firms such as Faception claim they can detect pedophilia.

We can use this technology, to detect pedophilia in the Catholic Church and to investigate mafia clan structures.

Drug Legalisation and Taxation

People use drugs. We need to legalize and tax them.

David Nutt, professor for pharmacology in London, has developed a ranking of harm of relevant drugs, see:

We should tax drugs according to the David Nutt Ranking of harm so that we can address the issues arising from drug use and fight the health issues associated with the use.

Drugs can only be sold today by the intelligence community. It is impossible to run a drug business without the intelligence service noticing in a world in which every electronic communication is watched and recorded in real time.

Therefore, let us be honest, and let us get real – legalize every drug and tax it!

Psychedelics might cure Humans without Emotions

We need to research if psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and/or ayahuasca can cure humans without emotions (psychopaths). Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), in combination with entactogens such as MDMA might also be a cure.

Open Discussion about "Mind Control"-Technology

In 2018 the Washington State Fusion Center, a multi-agency counterterrorism center, "accidentally" released information about a mind control program in the US.

Given the fact that thousands of new satellites are about to enter outer space, we should have an open discussion about mind control technology on board of these satellites and its use in general.

Satellite programs include: OneWeb, Amazon, Facebook, SpaceX etc.

We should discuss the pros and cons of mind control technology, including the possibility to stop murder and other severe crimes on planet earth by these methods. We do need a democratically controlled open source blockchain type of solution to protect our safety and ensure our freedom.

Prosecution of the Clintons

Bill and Hillary Clinton know convicted underage sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton used Epstein's private jet 27 times known as "Lolita Express".

The flight logs from Epstein's Lolita Express are online.

Bill Clinton visted the "Pedo Island" even though he claimed he did not.

New Policies in Saudi Arabia or War

Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state funding terrorism in Syria and other places.

At the same time, it is globally known that Saudi Arabia is a terror regime for its citizens. Saudi Arabia slaughtered their own citizen, Jamal Khashoggi, in its own consulate.

The country restricts Women rights, freedom of speech and commits many more other serious human rights' violations.

We should ask Saudi Arabia to democratize its entire system or go on war to perform a regime change. It is enough – it is time for real change!

Holocaust Remembrance Culture

1) We support the widespread implementation of golden stumbling stones in Berlin and other major cities – so called "Stolpersteine" in German – to remember the millions of victims of the Holocaust.

Our goal is to speed up the research process with machine learning and to allow the laying of hundreds of thousand of stumbling stones to picture Berlin and other places as what they are – mass graves – visible for every visitor!

2) We also advocate for a revised version of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial to capture the horror through much higher steles covering the sky.


Carl Philipp Trump

Carl Philipp Trump

Gutmenschen Founder and CEO
+49 175 7675 708
[email protected]

Mr. Carl Philipp Trump works as an entrepreneur and originally studied Political Science, Sociology, and International Relations (LMU/Columbia/LSE). He voluntarily engages as the Gutmenschen's founder and director to fight evil in our world. Carl Philipp Trump was raised Catholic, went 13 years to Catholic private schools in Berlin, including the Jesuit-high school Canisius-Kolleg Berlin where the "abuse scandal" started in 2008. However, he left the Catholic Church after graduation in 2009.

Carl Philipp Trump is a member of the Left Party in Germany, a member of Amnesty International, the Aspen Institute, Attac, BUND, Chaos Computer Club, German Council on Foreign Relations, German-Israeli Association, German Red Cross, Greenpeace, NABU, Open Knowledge Foundation, Oxfam, Pro Asyl, Reporters without Borders, Wikimedia Germany and various other NGOs.

He argues the Catholic Church along with Opus Dei is a criminal organization that needs to be prosecuted. The Vatican City State needs to be dissolved as it serves as a criminal vehicle for child abuse and mafia activities using diplomatic immunity.

Looking at the long history of child abuse we need to ask also why our intelligence community has not prosecuted the child abusing church members in the past. What kind of Freemason networks played a key role in defending these criminals in the past? How can we ensure that these networks are stopped?

Carl Philipp Trump argues that we primarily need to address the issue of climate change and to achieve this, we need to use the Church's resources to fight climate change. We need to stop child abuse, and we need to ensure that all those people involved in the child abuse end up in prison – no exceptions – including very high-level personnel in the Vatican City State such as the Pope and others – once they have been legally prosecuted by our European legal system.

It is time to end any special jurisdiction for Church's personnel. One law only for everyone!

Feel free to support Gutmenschen's work...

  #askthepope   #Kehraus   #KehrausOpusDei



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