We want “The Punishment”

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Gutmenschen.org founder Carl Philipp Trump in Berlin, Germany.

Dear visitor,

as a political analyst from Berlin, Germany trained at the best academic institutions in Munich, New York City, and London I have compiled a list of the ~3,000 worst criminals on the planet who coordinate a robbery against all of us within our global criminal violent robbery system called capitalism:

At the top of the population we have the worst 0.1% of the population who are generally the worst immoral beings on the planet consisting of robbing owners of the means of production who do not pay us what our work is actually worth – these corrupt criminal owners then employ

1.) corrupt military personnel seeing themselves as “knights”, followed by

2.) corrupt domestic secret service people who suppress the population by not fighting crime but by choosing to actually terrorise us, and then we have

3.) corrupt full-time bullshitters – so called “organic intellectuals” as they are not neutrally sharing their honest analysis but these immoral bullshitters are organically linked by corruption to the corrupt criminal owners who just tell us lies in person and in our media blurring our minds with manipulative shit – arguing, for instance, that war is good, that corruption is caused by human nature and that it, therefore, can never be over come, and other utter nonsensetime to fight back.

As Gutmenschen we want to intensify the criminal law within our rule of law to punish criminals with proportional corporal punishments rather than trivial prison sentences that just empirically do not prevent the relevant crime. We finally want to punish those immoral beings who thought they would be above the law for ever and who were so convinced of it, that they simply did not really contemplate even the idea that they could ever be punished at all or held accountable in any form – to finally correct their distorted world view we Gutmenschen want to punish these criminals in historical proportions with our truly historic punishment which we call The Punishment”: We want to punish the criminals according to their crime – deciding to wanna live immorally means to be willing to hurt all of us – therefore, immoral beings deserve to be send to the wilderness which means maximum punishmenttorture all day long

By working together with like-minded morally others we can liberate us from all evil and finally achieve “peace, love, and harmony for all of us.

You can find the full list of the worst criminals on the planet online on morality.online.

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We want The Punishment”.

All the best from Berlintake care and be caring,

Carl Philipp Trump
Founder of Gutmenschen.org

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