Gutmenschen Idea

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


Gutmenschen” is currently used in German as a negative derogatory term for naive people who believe the world can become a better place without understanding the difference between wishful thinking and what is actually possible. “Gutmensch“ labels an individual who wants to make a difference but is sadly clueless or powerless in achieving these ends.

However, the literal meaning of “Gut-Mensch” in German is “Good-Human”. We see a strong similarity to the term “gay“ which was once used mainly as a negative term which has transformed into one of the most powerful positive terms in history.

As “gay“ was once used as an insulting term for homosexuals mainly by heterosexuals to insult homosexuality as inferior to heterosexuality, today “gay” has been transformed from an insult to a positive self-description representing freedom, proudness, and celebration of sexual expression. We want to achieve the same for the Gutmenschen term.

The Gutmenschen organisation’s goal is, therefore, to rebrand Gutmensch on a global scale the same way “gay” became transformative. Turning an insult into a truly recognising, understanding, and behaving of our collective human nature with aims and goals leading towards the beauty and celebration of the human condition, reflecting morality, freedom, and equality.

We want to provide a structural analysis of our contemporary society based on marxist social science understanding and natural science.

Besides, we intent to reform freemasonry from drama to art, comedy, and pleasure.

We are working on a historical punishment for those individuals who have violated the Golden Rule.

We democratically lobby for a change of the law (certainly not abolishing the law): We want to punish the  mass-murderers (50), mass-kidnappers (50), mass-torturers (50), and mass-rapists (100) in historical proportions with “The Punishment”:

The answer is “10 + X with piss take“.

For the villains: We lobby for a reform of the law – we intend to publicly castrate those, amputate their arms and legs, and cut out their eyes in full narcosis. Then we will bring these criminals in special dungeons where we will connect their minds to computers where they will experience the Punishment. We will also force emotions on psychopathic criminals. We call this punishment “The Punishment” or “Die Strafe” (German for “punishment”) and the process “Kehraus” (German for “clear-out”).

After the punishment we will reassamble the bodies of the then ex-villains and find ideal love partners for them.

We will block colors for the villains until the villains suffered through The Punishment.

In this spirit, please take your time to inform yourself about our goals and support us with a donation if you think we do things right.

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