Idea – rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative

Gutmenschen” is currently used in German as a negative derogatory term for naive people who believe the world can become a better place without understanding the difference between wishful thinking and what is actually possible.

However, the literal meaning of “Gut-Mensch” in German is “Good-Human”. We see a strong similarity to the term gay which was once used as a negative term which has transformed into one of the most powerful positive terms in history.’s goal is to rebrand Gutmensch on a global scale the same way as gay became transformative:

We critically reflect the pressing issues of our time.

We name and shame influential people violating human dignity.

We advocate for a historic punishment of those major criminals who have severely violated the Golden Rule.

We, therefore, democratically lobby for an intensification of the criminal law (not abolishing the law):

We want to punish the mass-murderers (50), mass-kidnappers (50), mass-torturers (50), and mass-rapists (100) in historic proportions with “The Punishment”:

Public castration, amputation of arms and legs, cutting out of the eyes, and transfer in rape and torture dungeons.

10-times the suffering of the victims plus X is the answer: “10 + X“.

In order to achieve this goal we combine the technology behind Reddit, Wikileaks, and Wikipedia: provides a collaborative online plattform to leak material, discuss the material in a web forum community, and then present the results of the collective effort in a public wiki.

In this spirit, please take your time to inform yourself about our topics and then support us with a donation if you think we do things right.

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