Gutmenschen Topics

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.



Berlin Flag Change

We intend to change the flag of Berlin.

Instead of a backwards-looking bear we want it to be forward-looking.

We want the flag to represent freedom, progress, and Gutmenschen culture.

Support us.

A homeless man sleeps in the street in broad daylight

Blue Movement: End Homelessness

We intend to end homelessness.

We call the Blue Movement to walk to the Vatican and demand that the Vatican gives up its money to the poor.

We also believe that LSD can be a cure for alcohol addiction. Therefore, we work together with to give the legal LSD-derivative 1cP-LSD to the homeless to provide healing.


Catholic Church – Vatican City State –
a State of Abuse and no Financial Transparency

The Catholic Church is involved in sexual abuse in almost all countries where it operates and it launders money for the mafia.

We want to see financial transparency: How much wealth does the Church have? How is this wealth spend? Is it used to fund a global pedoclub? Is the Church the mafia?

We think so, and push for redistribution of the Church’s money. We will sue the Vatican City State for Crimes against Humanity.


Opus Dei – Baby Trafficking and Financial Intransparency

Opus Dei members kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s.

Therefore, we want them to be classified as a terrorist organisation.

Furthermore, we demand a compensation as high as 1,000,000 € per stolen baby.

At the same time we believe that Opus Dei is the mafia and we want to see full financial transparency.

We want that Opus Dei members are prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

NATO – secret armies to prevent commumism

NATO – Secret Armies to prevent Communism

NATO operates secret armies to prevent communism. Some of these armies are run by the Catholic Church and especially by the knight orders such as the „Jerusalem Knights“.

We want to reveal who runs the secret NATO armies.


Verfassungsschutz –
Obstruction of Punishment, Ritualised Abuse, and Terrorism

In Germany the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) has been involved in organised right-wing terrorism (NSU).

We want to know who is responsible and we want these people to be prosecuted.

As a long-term goal, we think that the Verfassungsschutz is so corrupt, and involved in terrorism and pederast groups, that we should abolish it.


Volkswagen (VW) – So-called Fraud is Criminal Assault, Manslaughter, and Murder

The Volkswagen (VW) management has put more than 40-times the allowed amount of NOx gases in the air. We all will die because of these people.

At least these people have drastically increased the risk to suffer from lung cancer. They have also contributed to climate change which affects all of us.

We need to severely punish the VW management for criminal assault, manslaughter, and murder.


Modern Crime: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Torture is used to create multiple identities within one person to exploit that indivudal for sexual and financial gains.


Satanist Cult that ruled the World!

We reveal the members of the Satanist Cult that ruled the world like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Kevin Spacey and others.

Empty hands

World Hunger – cured by Lawsuits?

We sue food corporations such as Nestlé, the Coca-Cola Company, Unilever etc. and their management for failure to assist a person in danger, manslaughter, murder and crimes against humanity.

It is time to rescue people instead of banks. We need to democratize the food industry in order to end world hunger.


Rape the Rapists – Reform the Law!

Child rapists should get raped for a week in a special dungeon.

It will drastically reduce the number of rapes and will heal trauma.

For every raped child we suggest one week in the dungeon.

For every child murdered we suggest one year in the dungeon!


Drug Legalisation and Taxation according to their harm

People do drugs. It makes no sense to criminalize that.

We are in favor of full drug legalisation and taxation according to their harm.

We think David Nutt’s work is groundbreaking and legalisation and taxation of drugs is just a matter of time. Support it now!


Psychedelics might cure Humans without Emotions

Psychedelics such as LSD might work together with magnetic therapy to cure people without emotions.

We need to address the issue of biological based criminal behavior that can be cured by giving these people emotions so that they can feel empathy.


Micro-Facial Analysis – Justice System 2.0

Micro-Facial Analysis is a technology that reads emotions in human faces. We want to use that technology to identify liars in the justice system.

We want to create “Justice System 2.0”. Use modern technolgy to find criminals. With this technology we can prosecute the child rapists from the Catholic Church.


Open Discussion about „Mind Control“-Technology

Mind Control technology is real. We need to have an open debate about what the technology is capable of.

We need democratic control of mind control to prevent another fascist horror.


Prosecution of the Clintons

The Clintons were friends with the child-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. We need to investigate why Bill Clinton was on the “Pedo Island”.

More generally Hillary Clinton would be in jail if she were a normal employee of the government for running her own email server.

Why is she not prosectued? We need to prosecute the Clintons.


Saudi Arabia – New Policies or War

Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism around the world. At the same time human rights are violated in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. People are exectued by beheading.

We need to clearly communicate to the Saudi Arabian government that this behaviour is intollerable.

So either the government is reformed into a western style of democracy or we need a regime change. We need to stop the human rights-violating regime with all means available including war.


Holocaust Remembrance Culture

We engage to improve the Holocaust remembrance culture in Germany. We want to drastically increase the number of golden stumbling stones accross Berlin and Germany as a whole.

Furthermore, we want to improve the Holocaust monument in Berlin through much higher steles which cover the sky.


Gutmenschen Media: Real Deep Analysis

We intend to buy the best marxist analysis out there – to provide real deep analysis to a wider audience.

Donate now – make it happen.

Karl Marx portrait on East German 100 mark (1975) banknote closeup macro, famous philosopher, economist, political theorist, sociologist and revolutionary socialist.

New World Order: Communism

Climate Change has changed everything: Communism is next.


Our Culture Reform

We work on reforming our culture.

Support us!

We fight for justice! Support us with your donations so that we can continue fighting!