Catholic Church – Vatican City State –
a State of Abuse and no Financial Transparency

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


The Vatican City State has terrorized millions of children around the globe over the centuries. Its a pederast state. We will sue the Vatican City State for Crimes against Humanity.

The Pope is the king of the satanists – see article about the Satanist Cult.

  1. The Pope is the head of the baby-trafficking organization “Opus Dei” (he doesn’t close the organization and doesn’t pay compensation).
  2. The Pope sits on a fortune and he doesn’t give that money to the disadvantaged instead he finances an international pedo club.

In short, the Pope is the biggest hypocrite in history. He calls himself Francis and doesn’t give his money to the poor. Let’s force him to give up his wealth.

We fight against child abuse in the Catholic Church. We also fight for full financial transparency. We want to know how much wealth does the Catholic Church have and how it is spend. We think the Catholic Curch is an international “” and a ““. We, therefore, want to if he is in a and a

We need to redistribute the Church’s wealth to fight climate change and to stop the international pedo club. Instead we need to spend the money for climate neutral technology, innovative startups, and the disadvantaged. Let’s increase the pressure on the Church and Pope Francis to put their money where their mouth is: “Be like the holy Francis and give your wealth to the poor!”

We also demand that in Germany all paid “Kirchensteuer” (Church tax) is paid back in full with a 5% annual return for lost interest.

We want to confiscate 100% of the Church’s wealth.


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Reports about sexual abuse of the Catholic Church:

1. Vatican arrests diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella on suspicion of child abuse images (2018)
2. Cardinal George Pell: Vatican’s third-highest ranking official in court (2018)
3. Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades by Georg Ratzinger (2017)
4. Former ambassador to the Dominican Republic and Archbishop Józef Wesołowski (2015)
5. Tens of thousands of children abused in Dutch Catholic institutions, report says (2011)

Reports about financial affairs of the Catholic Church:

1. Australia: Catholic Church national wealth estimated to be $30 billion (2018)
2. Vatican Bank’s Ex-Chief Indicted Over $60 Million in Embezzlement (2018)
3. The Vatican should bring money-laundering cases to trial, watchdog agency says (2017)
4. The Vatican Buys Largest Gay Sauna In Europe for 30 million euro (2013)
5. THE BASICS; Church, Mafia: Why the Link? (2003)

On top of that the Vatican City State denies all other “standard” institutions due to the criminal nature of its mafia state:

Human Rights (The Vatican City State commits crimes against humanity by raping children for centuries and not fully working together with law enforcement agencies in other countries):
1. Vatican City is not a member of the International Criminal Court.
2. Vatican City is not a member of the European Court of Human Rights.

Tax Exchange (The Vatican City State does Mafia money laundering – its a mafia state)
3. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD’s “Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Information in Tax Matters“.
4. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD’s “Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters“.
5. The Vatican City has not signed the OECD’s “Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement“.

Clearly, the Vatican City State denies international cooperation and therefore the Gutmenschen gGmbH argues that the Vatican City State should be dissolved unless all international agreements above are signed and fully complied with.

After countless cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it is time to consider the Catholic Church an international pedo club. The Catholic Church should clearly publish how many of their priests have been accused of physical, psychological or sexual abuse and how their cases were handled. In many cases, accused priests were sent to a different country, where they were able to continue with the abuse.

Furthermore, it is not only sexual abuse that is worrisome. In fact, the Catholic Church is so deeply linked with the mafia due to its money laundering activities through its own Vatican bank IOR that it appears to be the same. Therefore, we call the Catholic Church a “mafia church”.

Clearly, the Catholic Church – unlike other charities – does not publish its overall wealth. The question is why not? The simple answer is: Because they do not put their money where their mouth is.

Why is there homelessness if the Vatican owns billions worth of real estate around the world? Why is there hunger? Clearly, the Vatican is not spending its wealth according to its stated mission which is supposed to be helping the disadvantaged and enabling progress in our society.

Yes, the Catholic Church spends billions in charity each year. However, we are not talking about some charity donations here – we are talking about so much wealth that ending homelessness and ending hunger can become a reality. So, what is the church doing with its wealth? Apparently, they run their own and!

We need accountability and transparency in terms of detailed reports about:

1) how many priests and laymen in Catholic Church organisations have been accused of child abuse and if they have actually been fired after the organisation became aware of the abuse.

2) what the Catholic Church and all its associated foundations own and how the wealth is spent.

3) why Opus Dei is not closed even though their members have kidnapped 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980ies?

4) why did the world-known pederast Jeffrey Epstein owned two pictures with the Pope in his flat in New York and on his pedo-island? Is there a mafia-child-trafficking-connection between the Vatican and pederasts?

5) why has the Vatican not signed the OECD agreements against money laundering and tax evasion? Is the Vatican the mafia?

Carl Philipp Trump – the founder of the Gutmenschen organisation – has contacted the Vatican via mail and called the embassy (Nuntiatur) of the Vatican in Berlin more than 10 times – the embassy refused to answer any question – so we believe its a corrupt organisation.


We raise 100,000 € to if he is in a and a!

We should use the Church’s money to fight global hunger, provide people social housing, and fight climate change.

It is time to confiscate the Church’s money to spend it for the disadvantaged!

The Blue Movement

We intend to dress all homeless people in blue for free and walk with them to the Vatican to live there until the Church gives up all their money to non-profits, startups, and the disadvantaged.

Support the Blue Movement by donating 1,000€ to the Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH per homeless person.

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Where do the Bishops go on Vacation? Let us catch the Pederasts!

We want to know where the bishops went for vacation in the last 10 years.

We intend to find out who is a pederast to a certain certainty by looking who went to Thailand, Costa Rica and other countries that are known to be attractive to pederasts.



We change the world – join us!

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