Mind Control Technology is real

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In 2018 the Washington State Fusion Center, a multi-agency counterterrorism center, “accidentally” released information about a mind control program in the US.

That means that you can control individuals via mind control technology via radio frequencies via satellite, hellicopter, car or other antennas, see:

Given the fact that thousands of new satellites are about to enter outer space, we should have an open discussion about mind control technology on board of these satellites and its use in general.

Satellite programs include: OneWeb, Amazon, Facebook, SpaceX etc.

We should discuss the pros and cons of mind control technology, including the possibility to stop murder and other severe crimes on planet earth by these methods. We do need a democratically controlled open source blockchain type of solution to protect our safety and ensure our freedom – we need to do our best to prevent another fascist horror.

Every mobile phone can be a kill-switch or mind control device for you. Be prepared and join the discussion.

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