Opus Dei –
Baby Trafficking and Financial Intransparency

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Opus Dei kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s without any prosecution (https://link.gutmenschen.org/elpais1). You can find more links in our forum covering Opus Dei.

We demand that they are classified as a terrorist organisation.

We demand a compensation of 1,000,000 € per kidnapped baby.

We demand a total compensation of 300,000,000,000 € (300 billion euro) from the Vatican.

We currently investigate how many German bishops are in favour of the child-trafficking Opus Dei organisation (https://link.gutmenschen.org/bishops).

We see that all of German bishops are neither for any compensation nor for closing of the child-trafficking organisation Opus Dei.

We are currently sued for defamation by  Opus Dei who want us to be quiet about the 300,000 stolen babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s.

Opus Dei is an international financial corporation which owns banks and import/export companies. It is a Catholic type of freemason organisation, and it is a cult or sect – something like The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Opus Dei’s goal is to create blind obedience in their followers so that they do exactly as they are told. Slowly the followers lose their ability to think independently. Ultimately they became mere creatures of the organisation.”
(Ex-Opus Dei member John J. Roche, link)

1) We call one of the most radical Catholic sects – Opus Dei – a “criminal organisation” involved in all forms of abuse – physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. We are willing to fight this statement in court.

In our opinion, Opus Dei is not a religion – it is a business run by brainwashing techniques.

It is physical abuse to brainwash and group-pressure people into hurting their own body daily. It is psychological abuse to force members to sign a testament giving everything they own to Opus Dei. Members are forced to work the entire time not being allowed to keep more of their earnings than their costs of living which is close to slavery. The business is run based on brainwashing techniques including recruitment at an early age, isolation from family and friends, and daily interrogations.

The purpose is to isolate individuals to ultimately enrich the Opus Dei organisation by basically exploiting cheap obedient labor and to allow sexual abuse in their schools and youth groups potentially. There is a sexual abuse case currently fought in a Spanish court (link).

Opus Dei claims its “God’s work” – but they do not say anything about how much wealth the Opus Dei organisation owns and how they spend it. In 2015 Opus Dei’s wealth was estimated to be worth US$2.8 billion (link). Ruthless methods seem to be responsible for wealth accumulation. Accusations from 1950-1980 against Opus Dei range from baby kidnapping and selling in Spain (link) to accusations of all forms of white collar crimes such as tax evasion. As a result, Opus Dei appears more like a business enterprise than a religion.

The ongoing silence mafia-like Omerta associated with Opus Dei needs to end. In Germany, Opus Dei has not even an “Impressum” stating its legal entity on its website. Therefore, it is unknown who even runs the website: Is it a registered company, an individual or is it a club? Who receives the testament’s money? We need accountability and transparency in Opus Dei!

2) We need to know how much wealth Opus Dei owns and how the organisation channels the money.

3) We need to investigate the claim by the official Opus Dei press officer Ruthard von Frankenberg that there are “none” abuse cases at Opus Dei since 1928 (which was proven wrong in 2018).

Statistically speaking there are about 15 child abuse cases in Germany per 100,000 people (link). Opus Dei has 94,776 current global members (link). That results in approximately 14 cases of sexual abuse of children per 94,776 Opus Dei members per year. Over the past 90 years, there should be hundreds of abuse cases. Yet, Opus Dei claims there are “none” abuse cases since 1928 – how likely is it that this claim is true? How many abuse accusations has Opus Dei received? How were they handled? Opus Dei does not answer those questions. So we fight for this information in court.

Opus Dei does not ask its current and ex-members if they have ever experienced any form of abuse – physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Therefore, we assume Opus Dei is not interested in detecting abuse. In fact, the current abuse officer Dr. Cesar Martinez who is in office for over three years has not responded when asked what specific steps he has undertaken to detect abuse.

Thus, we assume Mr. Martinez has not undertaken any steps to detect abuse which makes us believe Opus Dei has institutionalised abuse by not even asking members about abuse. As a result, we have reported the relevant Opus Dei staff to the local police in Berlin, Germany on the grounds of being a criminal organisation involved in abuse.

4) We encourage victims to come forward to sue Opus Dei or the Catholic Church successfully in court.

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