Opus Dei –
Baby Trafficking and Financial Intransparency

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


The Catholic knight order called “Opus Dei”  kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s without any prosecution (see this El Pais article).

Other articles mentioning the baby-theft in German: 1. Deutschlandfunk and 2. Welt.

In the German Wikipedia the phenomenon is known as “Bebé robado” (“stolen babies”).

Opus Dei has been involved in “systematic” baby-trafficking for a period of about 35 years without any appology, paying any compensation or agreeing to any attempt to close this organisation.

After beeing involved for almost 40 years in trafficking babies the Gutmenschen thesis is that Opus Dei is still involved in baby- and children-trafficking in our world today.

The thesis is that the ongoing “abuse” of children by the Catholic Church is in fact a torture program to create multiple personalities in the children to allow controlling them, see our topic “Modern Crime: Dissociative Identity Disorder“.

We demand that Opus Dei is classified as a terrorist organisation and considered the mafia.

In fact, many authors even openly call the Opus Dei organisation “Holy Mafia” (or “Santa Mafia”).

We demand a compensation of 1,000,000 € per kidnapped baby.

We, as it stands, demand a total compensation of 300,000,000,000 € (300 billion euro) from the Vatican.

We currently investigate how many German bishops are in favour of the child-trafficking Opus Dei organisation (https://link.gutmenschen.org/bishops).

We see that all of German bishops are neither for any compensation nor for closing of the child-trafficking organisation Opus Dei.

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