Satanist Cult
that ruled the World!

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


We sue the members of the Satanist Cult that ruled the world like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles (who killed Lady Diana), Bill Gates, Albert and Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, Charles Koch, Kevin Spacey and others.

They have met to rape, torture, kill, and ultimately sacrifice little children to the “lord of darkness” for their own enjoyment and to gain power.

Their activities are called “ritualized abuse” – meaning sexual abuse like rape, criminal assault, and murder.

Through hypnosis and/or drug use they manipulated the mind of the victims so that victims couldn’t remember what happened to them.

It requires intense psychotherapy to regain access to the lost memories.

MDMA and psychedelics such as LSD can be a cure for memory loss. See our topic for legalization and taxation of drugs.

We advocate for a reform of the law to allow amputation of the penis or the clitoris of all members of the Satanist Cult.

We assume that approximately 100 million people are members of the Satanist Cult.

We encourage all intelligence officers to leak everything there is about the Satanist Cult on WikiLeaks.

Carl Philipp Trump’s father the BND agent and dentist Hans Martin Trump played a key role in organizing the Satanist Cult. He used hypnosis to mind control Carl Philipp Trump to rape him and to gain power.

Hans Martin Trump will be prosecuted as well. We will castrate him publicly in the Berghain dungeon. He will also suffer forever in hell.

Hans Martin Trump, Opus Dei, and all bad beings will be murdered and they will be murdered again whenever they comes back.

The atomic strike is authorized.

The power is in the hands of the population without the Täterschweine.

In fact, we will castrate those people, amputate their arms and legs, and cut out their eyes. Then we will place them next to a major street and line them up so that everybody can see them. We will then put them into dungeons where they get raped every day full time and put into an agony universe. We will also tattoo their names into their skin.

The 20.02.2020 is the day of enforcement. We will vote beforehand if the members of the Satanist Cult will be sent to prison or receive their described above punishment.

In order to capture the horror that these people created we will videorecord the worst of them so that they can explain in their own words what motivated them to rape, torture, and murder babies.

See our press releases for more reports to the police (in German).

Knight Orders who controlled the world.

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