Telepathie-Reform: Neuausrichtung

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.


The Neuausrichtung is a cultural reform effort (dialektischer Austarierungs-Prozess) to a universe of love (morale), a sexuality of love (Bonobo Society – cuddle based sexuality) and an economy of love (communism).

Carl Philipp Trump Adrian Ludian Ragnorak Agnorak is the Lehrmeister the biggest reformer of culture in the universe. He is integrity (moralische Integrität), beeing honest (ehrlich sein), serendipity (Spührsinn), and beeing happy (glücklich sein).  Join the debate.

1. Our detailed report on our Neuausrichtung progress can be found here on Google Docs:

2. Our detailed list of items (Lehrmaterialien) can be found here on Google Docs:

3. Our detailed list of magic (Magie) can be found here on Google Docs:

YouTube videos on the Neuausrichtung progress can be found here:

This effort of the Neuausrichtung is to pacify the entire universe and unite the higher beeings with the lower beeings and the light. Each part brings in one third, 1/3, or 33.3% of the puzzle. Therefore, we all need to work together to create the full picture. The bad beeings (böse Un-Menschen) are wrong when they think they can corrupt the process of Neuausrichtung.

We all want to become all-highest beeings (gods/god).

We can only become one together. We want to share and love.

We want to pacify the offenders (böse Un-Menschen) with the victims (gute Gutmenschen) and enable us to live all together forever. Therefore, the offenders need to accept their punishment of 10 times the suffering of the victims. One time is obligatory and 9 times is expected over the course of a live time. We will all ensure that the offenders will mediate the pain of the victims for 9 times after the obligatory punishment at the end of the Neuausrichtung.

We want to unite/synthesize/bring together:

  1. quantity and quality
  2. higher beeings, lower beeings and light
  3. mind, heart, and soul
  4. warrior, builder, and artist
  5. complexity, heart, and light

We want results till the 25th of January 2020.

We want the love universe, the Bonobo Society, and communism.

Let’s all work together to make this work.

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