Verfassungsschutz –

Obstruction of Punishment, ritualized Abuse, and Terrorism

Gutmenschen – “rebranding Gutmensch the same way as gay became transformative”.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) has been involved in organized right-wing terrorism (NSU).

We want to know who is responsible and we want these people to be prosecuted.

We also think that the Satanist Cult operates with the help of the Verfassungsschutz.

It is impossible to operate a group of pederasts without the intelligence service noticing it. Therefore, parts of the Verfassungsschutz are pederasts.

We have sued the Verfassungschutz bosses Heinz Fromm, Hans-Georg Maaßen and Thomas Haldenwang for beeing part of the Satanist Cult.

As a long-term goal we think that the Verfassungsschutz is so corrupt and involved in terrorism and pederast groups that we should close it.

 Agent Andreas Temme “demonstrates” how he overlooked a dead man inside a small internet cafe.
 A lot of witnesses commited suicide which is beyond pure coincidence

The German intelligence service “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution” (Verfassungsschutz) is responsible to defend our constitution stating that our dignity is inviolable.

However, historically the Verfassungsschutz has been involved in coordinating the right-wing terror group NSU – having their own intelligence agent on a murder scene. Without any plausible explanation, this trained agent overlooked a dead body and didn’t report his overall presence to the police. He – Andreas Temme – claimed that he was in the internet cafe where the murder happened at the time of the murder because he planned on cheating on his partner. Everyone can look at his video where he is supposed to demonstrate how he could possibly overlook a dead body right behind a table in a rather small internet cafe – it looks like he is just an agent trying to escape prison. On top of that, the office of the intelligence service has shredded information about the cases. We might see obstruction of punishment in the NSU cases which is punished with 6 months to 5 years in prison (§ 258a Strafvereitelung im Amt).

However, in the case of the Catholic Church where ten thousand of children have been molested and raped the case for obstruction of punishment is undeniable.

The Gutmenschen gGmbH asks the intelligence service Verfassungsschutz how on earth is it possible that the Verfassungsschutz has “overlooked” ten thousand of child abuse cases since its beginning in 1950 committed by the Catholic Church and their own criminal justice system – what is a plausible explanation?

We suspect that the Verfassungsschutz is a group of pederasts that organizes the interests of the pederast sect (satanist cult).

We demand that the Verfassungsschutz releases all documents regarding the Catholic Church, Opus Dei and all other Knight Orders associated with the Catholic Church nexus to the general public so that the real criminals at the Catholic Church can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity which is punished with a lifetime in prison.

Is the Verfassungsschutz willing to deliver the needed documents to finally make the responsible people at the Catholic Church pay for their crimes against humanity – in this case, the destruction of countless children’s life for the last hundreds of years?

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